Darek Halecki

If you need commissioning, this company is good for you. Mr Marcin was early. He had all necessary equipment and what is more he was observant and knowledgeable. He made the most of his time although he had the time shortened by the building manager. The price was adjusted to the work done.

Paweł Kolanowski

I've been looking for a flat aftermarket in Proszowice. Together with Mr Paweł we have checked out several flats. Thanks to his professional opinion I managed to find an apartment in good condition avoiding buying a would-be renovated flat.

Mr Paweł helped me to estimate the cost of a possible renovation and overall price of a flat.

Tomasz Szafrański

The apartment was audited with full professionalism. Everything was checked scrupulously and fairly. I wouldn't manage to find most of the faults by myself. The auditor was very helpful.

Joanna Kapica

I really appreciate accuracy, professionalism and support. Definitely it is worth it to have somebody as Mr Paweł by our side while commissioning a house or an apartment. I strongly recommend it and it is worthwhile taking advantage of their knowledge.

Adrian Kaczkowski

I strongly recommend it. The audit is on the high level. The faults were found very quickly. Frankly speaking I would fail in finding most of the faults but with Mr Paweł' s and Mr Marcin' s help we were able to bring the quality of the flat into question. 10/10!!!!!!

Jan Gajos

I warmly recommend cooperation with this company. A full professionalism- they revisioned my apartment scrupulously, noticing even the smallest developer's faults. It makes me calm that my investment is in good hands.

They are nice, bearing on the merits of the matter and know their way about commissioning. What more could you want? :)

I'm sure I will recommend working together with Odbieraj z nami to all my friends.

Justyna Mecenasowa

Thank you for the audit. There was full professionalism from the first phone contact, discussion of the meeting, preparation for the audit to the precise commissioning and giving advice connected with interior finishing.

I recommend it and in a few months time I will use the services again.

Natalia Sorbal

I whole-heartedly recommend cooperation with Odbieraj z nami. Thanks to you my audit was carried out stress- free. I'm very content. All rooms were revisioned meticulously. They found even the smallest faults which I wouldn't notice myself. A nice atmosphere and a competitive price are additional advantages. If somebody plans to have commissioning and looks for professionals it is worth putting your trust in this company.